Emacsでは、C-xC-fでファイルにアクセスしてファイルを作成します。 /home/myself/new_directory/file.txtを作成したいとしましょう。

New_directoryがまだ存在しない場合、追加の手順なしでfile.txtの作成中に作成する方法はありますか? (Linuxで-pフラグをmkdirに使用するようなものを考えています。)


Jim Hunziker


(defadvice find-file (before make-directory-maybe (filename &optional wildcards) activate)
  "Create parent directory if not exists while visiting file."
  (unless (file-exists-p filename)
    (let ((dir (file-name-directory filename)))
      (unless (file-exists-p dir)
        (make-directory dir t)))))

これを.emacsのどこかに置いて使用するだけです C-x C-f いつものように。


存在しないコンポーネントを含むパス名を指定すると、find-file(つまり、C-x C-f)は、次のような追加のメッセージを表示します。

M-x make-directory RET RETを使用して、ディレクトリとその親を作成します

ファイルは最初にバッファを保存するまで作成されないため、新しいバッファが起動した直後にmake-directoryを実行するか、ファイルを保存する前にいつでも実行できます。次に、ディレクトリが必要なバッファから、次のように入力しますMx make-directory RET RET(ディレクトリの作成を求めるプロンプトが表示されます(デフォルトはバッファのパス名から派生します)。2番目のRETは、デフォルト)。

Chris Johnsen

Ido モードは、ido-find-fileの代わりとなるfind-fileを提供し、より多くの機能を提供します。たとえば、ファイルを開いている間に新しいディレクトリを作成できます。

  • タイプ C-x C-f いつものように(これはido-find-fileに再マップされます)、

  • 存在しないパスを提供し、

  • 押す M-m これにより、新しいディレクトリの作成が求められます。

  • 次に、新しく作成したディレクトリでアクセスするファイル名を指定します。



;; Automatically create any nonexistent parent directories when
;; finding a file. If the buffer for the new file is killed without
;; being saved, then offer to delete the created directory or
;; directories.

(defun radian--advice-find-file-automatically-create-directory
    (original-function filename &rest args)
  "Automatically create and delete parent directories of files.
This is an `:override' advice for `find-file' and friends. It
automatically creates the parent directory (or directories) of
the file being visited, if necessary. It also sets a buffer-local
variable so that the user will be prompted to delete the newly
created directories if they kill the buffer without saving it."
  ;; The variable `dirs-to-delete' is a list of the directories that
  ;; will be automatically created by `make-directory'. We will want
  ;; to offer to delete these directories if the user kills the buffer
  ;; without saving it.
  (let ((dirs-to-delete ()))
    ;; If the file already exists, we don't need to worry about
    ;; creating any directories.
    (unless (file-exists-p filename)
      ;; It's easy to figure out how to invoke `make-directory',
      ;; because it will automatically create all parent directories.
      ;; We just need to ask for the directory immediately containing
      ;; the file to be created.
      (let* ((dir-to-create (file-name-directory filename))
             ;; However, to find the exact set of directories that
             ;; might need to be deleted afterward, we need to iterate
             ;; upward through the directory tree until we find a
             ;; directory that already exists, starting at the
             ;; directory containing the new file.
             (current-dir dir-to-create))
        ;; If the directory containing the new file already exists,
        ;; nothing needs to be created, and therefore nothing needs to
        ;; be destroyed, either.
        (while (not (file-exists-p current-dir))
          ;; Otherwise, we'll add that directory onto the list of
          ;; directories that are going to be created.
          (Push current-dir dirs-to-delete)
          ;; Now we iterate upwards one directory. The
          ;; `directory-file-name' function removes the trailing slash
          ;; of the current directory, so that it is viewed as a file,
          ;; and then the `file-name-directory' function returns the
          ;; directory component in that path (which means the parent
          ;; directory).
          (setq current-dir (file-name-directory
                             (directory-file-name current-dir))))
        ;; Only bother trying to create a directory if one does not
        ;; already exist.
        (unless (file-exists-p dir-to-create)
          ;; Make the necessary directory and its parents.
          (make-directory dir-to-create 'parents))))
    ;; Call the original `find-file', now that the directory
    ;; containing the file to found exists. We make sure to preserve
    ;; the return value, so as not to mess up any commands relying on
    ;; it.
    (prog1 (apply original-function filename args)
      ;; If there are directories we want to offer to delete later, we
      ;; have more to do.
      (when dirs-to-delete
        ;; Since we already called `find-file', we're now in the buffer
        ;; for the new file. That means we can transfer the list of
        ;; directories to possibly delete later into a buffer-local
        ;; variable. But we pushed new entries onto the beginning of
        ;; `dirs-to-delete', so now we have to reverse it (in order to
        ;; later offer to delete directories from innermost to
        ;; outermost).
        (setq-local radian--dirs-to-delete (reverse dirs-to-delete))
        ;; Now we add a buffer-local hook to offer to delete those
        ;; directories when the buffer is killed, but only if it's
        ;; appropriate to do so (for instance, only if the directories
        ;; still exist and the file still doesn't exist).
        (add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook
                  'append 'local)
        ;; The above hook removes itself when it is run, but that will
        ;; only happen when the buffer is killed (which might never
        ;; happen). Just for cleanliness, we automatically remove it
        ;; when the buffer is saved. This hook also removes itself when
        ;; run, in addition to removing the above hook.
        (add-hook 'after-save-hook
                  'append 'local)))))

;; Add the advice that we just defined.
(advice-add #'find-file :around

;; Also enable it for `find-alternate-file' (C-x C-v).
(advice-add #'find-alternate-file :around

;; Also enable it for `write-file' (C-x C-w).
(advice-add #'write-file :around

(defun radian--kill-buffer-delete-directory-if-appropriate ()
  "Delete parent directories if appropriate.
This is a function for `kill-buffer-hook'. If
`radian--advice-find-file-automatically-create-directory' created
the directory containing the file for the current buffer
automatically, then offer to delete it. Otherwise, do nothing.
Also clean up related hooks."
  (when (and
         ;; Stop if there aren't any directories to delete (shouldn't
         ;; happen).
         ;; Stop if `radian--dirs-to-delete' somehow got set to
         ;; something other than a list (shouldn't happen).
         (listp radian--dirs-to-delete)
         ;; Stop if the current buffer doesn't represent a
         ;; file (shouldn't happen).
         ;; Stop if the buffer has been saved, so that the file
         ;; actually exists now. This might happen if the buffer were
         ;; saved without `after-save-hook' running, or if the
         ;; `find-file'-like function called was `write-file'.
         (not (file-exists-p buffer-file-name)))
    (cl-dolist (dir-to-delete radian--dirs-to-delete)
      ;; Ignore any directories that no longer exist or are malformed.
      ;; We don't return immediately if there's a nonexistent
      ;; directory, because it might still be useful to offer to
      ;; delete other (parent) directories that should be deleted. But
      ;; this is an Edge case.
      (when (and (stringp dir-to-delete)
                 (file-exists-p dir-to-delete))
        ;; Only delete a directory if the user is OK with it.
        (if (y-or-n-p (format "Also delete directory `%s'? "
                              ;; The `directory-file-name' function
                              ;; removes the trailing slash.
                              (directory-file-name dir-to-delete)))
            (delete-directory dir-to-delete)
          ;; If the user doesn't want to delete a directory, then they
          ;; obviously don't want to delete any of its parent
          ;; directories, either.
  ;; It shouldn't be necessary to remove this hook, since the buffer
  ;; is getting killed anyway, but just in case...

(defun radian--remove-kill-buffer-delete-directory-hook ()
  "Clean up directory-deletion hooks, if necessary.
This is a function for `after-save-hook'. Remove
`radian--kill-buffer-delete-directory-if-appropriate' from
`kill-buffer-hook', and also remove this function from
  (remove-hook 'kill-buffer-hook
  (remove-hook 'after-save-hook

標準バージョン ここ

(make-directory "~/bunch/of/dirs" t)


から (C-h f make-directory RET)マニュアル:


(make-directory DIR &optional PARENTS)

ディレクトリDIRを作成し、オプションで存在しない親ディレクトリを作成します。 DIRがディレクトリとしてすでに存在する場合は、PARENTSがnil以外でない限り、エラーを通知します。






(defun bp-find-file(filename &optional wildcards)
  "finds a file, and then creates the folder if it doesn't exist"

  (interactive (find-file-read-args "Find file: " nil))
  (let ((value (find-file-noselect filename nil nil wildcards)))
    (if (listp value)
    (mapcar 'switch-to-buffer (nreverse value))
      (switch-to-buffer value)))
  (when (not (file-exists-p default-directory))
       (message (format "Creating  %s" default-directory))
       (make-directory default-directory t))

かわいくなく、「ディレクトリを作成しています...」と言う前に「it M-X make-directory ....」が点滅しますが、他に何もない場合は、開始する必要があります。

Brian Postow